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A Holistic healing and Self-sufficiency resource centre 

A 5 day, live-in retreat, set in an idealistic, picturesque Tasmanian bush setting, where you have "hands on" experience in the identification, growing and processing of medicinal herbs from the over 130 species in the organic gardens at Pindari (herb list). (Refer further on for the 5 day program.)

2016 Season dates:
3rd - 9th January, 2016  
7th - 13th February, 2016

Venue (photos aerial and surface)
Pindari Herb Farm Pindari Herb Farm lies on a scenic hilltop in natural bush, 16 km from Launceston on the island of Tasmania, Australia. It is self-sufficient in water and produces much of its electrical power from the sun and wind. It has extensive organic orchards and vegetable and medicinal herb gardens..

The cost of the 5 day Seminar is $AUD 1550 (plus $155 GST) it includes: 6 nights accommodation and meals, the materials used and the transport to and from Launceston city. Full booking details are available at the end of this document. We ask for a prepaid deposit of $400 with payment of the balance 2 weeks before starting date..

Accommodation & meals
This is comfortable shared accommodation (up to three people per room). The meals are healthy and exciting, and are served buffet style. We cater for vegetarian and non-vegetarian, and for dairy and gluten intolerance. The meal times are a great time to communicate with like minded people from all over Australia. We have a maximum of 16 participants.

A free minibus transport service is provided for the participants, departing at 5.30pm Sunday from the Launceston City Transit Centre arriving at Pindari at 6.00 pm and returning the following Saturday, departing Pindari at 8.30 am. Please book this service with us one week prior to the seminar. There is a $20 airport shuttle service to the Transit Centre from Launceston Airport (25 minutes trip). Contact (03) 63 342222 (talk to Michael Newton and mention Pindari Herb Farm) for reservations and enquiries. The Transit Centre has a baggage holding service from around $4.00 per day. For those unable to use this service a taxi from Launceston and Launceston airport to Pindari is approximately $55.

Seminar Details (View collage of venue images )
The seminar dates are timed to capture many of the herbs at their time of flowering. The herb's form, colour, smell, feel and taste are studied giving the participant an experience of the fresh live herb at its peak. It provides the opportunity for a deep and lasting experience of a medicinal herb and its unique characteristics.

Attendees at the 5 day seminar can claim 40 CPE points with the NHAA (National Herbalists Association of Australia).

Much time is spent in the gardens with the herbs, with the conference room set in and facing the garden. There is free-time to wonder the gardens, take photographs and collect samples. (leaves and twigs can help on the identification of the herbs).

The seminar is designed to provide basic experience in how to identify and grow medicinal herbs, and produce products from them in a home garden setting. The program for the 5 days provided below may vary according to weather conditions. There are over 40 hours of learning time and several hours of reading within this program. This time may be accepted by educational institutions as a part of their curriculum. 

With over 130 species available, the seminar by necessity is compact and time managed with the more important herbs being studied in more detail. 

At the end of the seminar many participants take the opportunity to visit other areas of Tasmania with some of the participants combining together to hire a car.

Seminar Program


Sunday afternoon

Monday and Tuesday - Are mostly spent studying the fresh live herbs in the gardens.

        9.00 am - Main conference starts with an overview of:

        With the herbs in the gardens:

Wednesday - Harvesting and processing of medicinal herbs. (harvesting photos), (processing photos)

Thursday - Manufacturing of herbal creams and ointments. (Cream making photos)

Friday - This day is used to refresh and complete those areas covered in the previous 4 days with the remainder of the day available to cover other areas of interest including:

Saturday - Farewell and departure

How to Book  

Please Email or telephone us to check the availability of a place and arrange payment of the deposit.

We hope you can join us.

Pindari Herb Farm
200 Norwich Drive, Longford,  Tasmania,7301 Australia
telephone (03) 6391 1799 
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