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Living More Self-sufficiently
Summary and Check list


The global community is currently experiencing many potentially destabilizing factors including:

These are leading to:

There is a rapid change in community lifestyle values in Australia with increasing:

We at Pindari started moving towards a more sustainable and self-reliant lifestyle some 17 years ago. We now grow much of our own food using our own water, electrical power and wood fired heating. From the experience gained we have prepared a summarized “check list” below as a resource.

Power Generation

Steps that can be taken to reduce electrical power consumption are:

Water Supply Management

Some of the steps are:

Food self-sufficiency
Steps towards growing your own food:

 Herbal medicines.

Intelligent and careful use of home grown medicinal herbs is a useful way of being more self reliant in health care. (See Herbal Medicine Chest). Sixty percent of the world’s population still relies on this form of medicine and establishing a small medicinal herb garden with the knowledge base for its safe use can be a very self reliant step and involves:

Personal Preparation

Personal preparation is about being mentally and emotionally prepared for any eventuality. This above all else means being able to clearly think your way and peacefully act through any difficult situation. When food, water and medicine are in short or non-supply, many will be acting irrationally and even violently. Refer to Spiritual Preparation on how you can prepare your mind for this eventuality. Other steps can be:

Spiritual preparation

The advice we offer here is based on our understanding:

If asked as to the three most important things we can do to prepare for the times ahead, we would say:

Family Preparation

Preparing yourself and your family for possible difficult times ahead is the same as the personal and spiritual preparations multiplied by the number in the family and varied according to their individual or idiosyncratic needs. (Such as special medicines)

Family security

In the times ahead we all will be challenged and family security will be an issue. Click here for a discussion on this. 

Community Preparation

All in the community will need water, food and shelter. Many will be TOTALLY unprepared physically and mentally and will be in great emotional distress. This is when your steady mind and the sharing of your put away provisions will be necessary. It could well also be a time when madness runs through the community with much personal trauma and material destruction. (Refer: An open Letter to; all community members, especially to community elders and organisations such as local Councils.)

Obtaining a healthy diet

This is such a complex area but simply put. Prepare your body now health wise by only eating 'nature' made foods and not man made foods. i.e. Avoid all processed food where you cannot recognize the original starting material eg. sugar and white flour. Also:


The above is a brief overview of what is required to become more self-sufficient. An 'honest' appraisal of the current global situation facing humanity would suggest that much change is afoot and it is accelerating. By acting now and preparing, you are taking out an 'insurance policy' for your family and self. It takes time to materially prepare and to access the services of skilled tradesmen in the technologies around self-sufficiency.

Spiritual preparation i.e. preparing the mind, as said is of the utmost importance, and that too takes time. 

Ken Atherton  
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