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Food and Related items – relevant for Tasmania.

When purchasing food always where possible buy bulk in the size pack the products are shipped in. Check the date that the produce was harvested, from where and if it is suitable for human consumption. As an example, legumes and cereals are usually shipped in 20 or 25kg bags.

When buying from wholesale sources be precise and organized with your orders and if possible buy as a local co-operative. This way you may get a better deal and will save on shipping. Always check the freighting costs and arrangements, obtaining a firm quote from the transport company before committing.

Have a place prepared for the foods arrival that is cool, dry and vermin proof. (See )

Below is a list of wholesale food suppliers.

Bio-Distributors = Ric and Jo Easton - PO Box 12 SHEFFIELD 7306 Tasmania Tel. (03) 6491 1439

Eumarrah - 30 Pearl St. DERWENT PARK Tas. 7009 Email:  Tel.903) 6273 9511

Kialia Pure Foods - 342 Greenmount Etonvale Rd. GREENMOUNT QLD 4359 Tel. (07) 4697 0300

Biodynamic Marketing Co Ltd. - Main Rd. POWELLTOWN 3797 Vic. Tel (03) 5966 7370

Four Leaf Foods - Address unknown. Wholesale supplier of bulk foods. South Australia (08) 8528 3300


Self-Sufficiency Books and Magazines

The Complete Illustrated Holistic Herbal - By David Hoffman (Buy through Amazon) A Safe and Practical Guide to Making and Using Herbal Remedies.

Grass Roots Magazine -.PO Box 117 SEYMOUR VIC, 3661 - Australia’s most popular Self-sufficiency magazine

Earth Garden - bimonthly mag. - PO Box 2 TRENTHAM VIC. 3458 - Sustainable living with country or city alternatives - Excellent information resource.

The Good Life Book Club C/- The same address as above.

Green Harvest - PO Box 92 MALENY QLD 4552 Tel. (07) 5435 2699 - Seeds, organic supplies and also has Diatomaceous earth


Seed and Plant supplies

Please note that quarantine restrictions apply when importing into Tasmania

All Rare Herbs - Stephen McLennan - Hard to get medicinal herbs PO Box 91 MAPLETON QLD 4560 Tel. (07)5446 9243

Medicine Garden Australia - PO Box 6432 Sth. LISMORE 2480 NSW Tel 02 6622 2524 Fax 02 6622 2500

Suppliers of both herbal products and limited range of medicinal seeds

Pindari Herb Farm - Email  200 Norwich Drive LONGFORD TAS 7301 Tel 03 6391 1799 - Suppliers of medicinal herbs

Phoenix Seeds. - PO Box 207 SNUG TAS 7054 Tel 03 6267 9663 Fax 03 6267 9592 Email < >

Large range of non-hybrid seeds both vegetable and medicinal

Shippards Herb Farm - Box 66 NAMBOUR 4560 Tel 0754411101

A comprehensive range of seeds and plants that including some hard to get medicinal herbs.

Diggers Club – 105 Latrobe Parade (PO Box 3000) DROMANA VIC. 3936

Magazine, seeds and suppliers of hard to get fruit and nut tree varieties.

Island Herbs – Lindy Campbell – 19 Beach Rd. SNUG TAS. 7054 Tel (03) 6267 9218

Excellent range of vegetable seedlings and medicinal herbs.

Soil Testing Service

SWEP Analytical service – excellent ‘more natural’ soil testing service.

PO Box 583 NOBLE PARK VIC 3174 Tel (03) 9701 6007

Tas Agent. Neville Brosnan 19 Richards St. LEFROY TAS 7252 Tel. (03) 6382 3036