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Self-sufficiency and Self-reliance
Material and spiritual preparation for the times at hand.

Living Self Sufficiently  A brief overview of what is required to become more self-sufficient.
Food & Medicine storage Food storage for people living in urban areas in more developed countries.
Basic Provisions A check list for making "material" provisional preparation.
Family Security A response to questions regarding family security in times of chaos.
Fencing for Food A description and visual images of a "Floppy Fence."
Growing food at Pindari Pindari food growing experience.
Living Self-sufficiently Summary A check list of steps towards greater self-sufficiency.
Resource addresses Sources of bulk foods, seeds and plants plus soil testing. For Tas & Aus.

Pindari Philosophy
To live peacefully and harmoniously with one-another, and to become self sufficient/self-reliant as quickly as possible.
To not depend on governments, nor condone nor fund  their "invasive & punitive" ways. To share the wisdom and experience we have gained in order to help others do likewise.

To live as absolute pacifists. (refer )

Current Community Situation

We are governed by a system that extorts money of us via taxation and licence and "fines" to fund its ways, as it controls us via regulations and rules which have punitive clauses for defaulters. We are truly slaves to this system. For a detailed expose of this reality and its dire consequences, please visit the web page and read "The 'Slave' Citizen Document." A brief understanding of the message to humanity from the Source at this web page is available in many languages through the hyperlink on the index to "Brief Summaries."

We believe these governing controlling systems are now in a state of collapse with the current world's socio-political, environmental and economic state being on a "knife-edge," only requiring a minor "hiccup" to bring the system down like a pack of cards. This will see a new way of living where all governments will become benign community service providers only. But., chaos will reign for a time and for our children's and our spiritual and physical wellbeing, we have chosen to live "self-responsibly."

It also most importantly needs to be said that any material preparation for the times at hand is useless if we have not prepared our mind, so that we are mentally and emotionally more steady in times of challenge. It is our belief that the above web page contains the wisdom for this through building the "Ark of the Mind," that is achieved via the meditation to the "morning star" (

If and when the flow of goods and services is in any way interrupted, and or when the enforcement of "law and order" collapses, chaos will ensue and as Iraq has shown, violence and confrontation results due to aroused negative emotions and the fact that we have forgotten our Creator's Love one another Command. 

For a deeper understanding of the reasons for this happening please read  "The 'town' of 'Longford' Treatise" which discusses order and law and "living" in a community such as Longford. This is applicable to any village or community on earth.

Those of us living in "western" developed countries have all but lost the knowledge of how to live "self-sufficiently." We live within and rely on a fossil fuel dependant system that both "feeds" and "controls" us, and "supposedly" protects our interests, as it legitimises its ever increasing "extortion" of funds from us.

We have become so used to being "hand fed" by this system that we are neither aware of our dependency on it:

- Nor are we able to appreciate just how vulnerable we are should it collapse.
- Nor have we been aware that it (The State system) has a dark ideology, and that all that support its punitive ways are defiant of God's Command, and are thus also incurring a very sorrowful karmic debt within the One Law of God: "As you do is done unto you."

We started preparing to be more materially self-sufficient and more self-responsible by leaving the "system" 17 years ago. It is the lessons we have learnt, our information resources and our experiences in freeing ourselves that we share with you here, hopefully providing information and inspiration for those wishing to become more self-responsible and self-reliant.

Note leave the system*- This means that we simply walk apart from it by not funding it, as we remain civil and peaceful members of the community. By this act we neither vote for, nor fund, nor condone, nor support the extortionist & punitive ideology as contained within the State rule books. We only fund sections of the community that we "see" as being truly welfare such as schools, hospitals, roads, counselling services etc., but cannot in any way contribute to the wages of others that in our opinion are themselves walking a contra God "manner of living."  We cannot fund public servants that no longer "serve" but enslave, as though they have a divine right to dictate and regulate and impose their "beliefs" upon all.

The need for personal self-reliance:

Most people today have become reliant and even dependent on the system's hand outs* such as social welfare payments, child endowment, pensions and health care subsidies etc., and are dependent  on a reticulated supply of essential services such as electrical power, water and sewerage, and also on other commodities for comfort and survival. 

Note: system's hand outs * - We believe there is nothing wrong with a "civil" community supplying welfare to the disadvantaged, as well as other community needs. The problem we see is that that both the positive supply of essential & welfare services is "lumped" together with the negative invasive, extortionist, and punitive aspect.

Thus when the stability of a "civil" community is compromised or collapses due to the now self evident escalation in violence, confrontation and insanity, not only does the "dark" and punitive aspect increase its activities, but to do so it draws on more of the communities resources as it considers the positive community wellbeing side of "low" priority. This leads to a funding shortfall that can then ultimately leave the entire community "homeless" and self-dependent as the "supply" systems fail.

It needs to be said that being totally materially self-sufficient in today's world is not possible as we all rely on each other for a variety of "consumables," we have thus structured ourselves to be as materially self reliant as practicable. We produce an excess in a variety of produce (products) to barter or sell, thus enabling us to obtain those products that we do not produce ourselves.*

Note: produce ourselves.*- There are many living in towns in small flats that do not have the space for food growing. These will need to consider their position, and if unable to move to the country they should endeavour to make some provision for rain water and tinned food and dried grain storage, so that their minds do not "panic" when difficult times arise.

We do contribute to the welfare of the community according to our ability and as we decide. We give to our local community and to our brothers and sisters across the planet as we are so inspired and, in our opinion, it is God and only God that is our "judge" on the adequacy or otherwise of our sharing. We try and draw attention to this fact to our "oppressors," being those that seek to abuse us for non compliance to their "legislated" decrees.

Please pass this message onto all.

Best wishes

Ken and Giovi

Pindari Herb Farm
200 Norwich Drive Longford Tasmania 7301 Australia
August 2009
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