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Growing food at Pindari


Pindari Herb Farm sits on the top of a rocky dolerite hill and to build our gardens we initially had to truck in local soil but in the last 15 or so years we have composted over 1000 tonnes of stable waste and have made our own highly enriched "compost soil." This has very high levels of humus that holds moisture well. We have been and are still in (July 2008) the worst drought we have experienced and the garden to date is alive and producing food and medicinal herbs. We survived by heavily mulching the gardens in spring to reduce evaporation.

Some of our crops have failed or have been poor but we have learnt from this drought how to survive dry times. And it has inspired us to do all we can to both catch the water in our dams and to keep the water in our soil. At this stage we have not had the need to buy in water.


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