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Family Security

Below is a question and answer response to an email received regarding family security in times of chaos.

Q. Hi Ken, In regards to an event that may facilitate the end of society as we know it, what would you recommend for the security of family, food and property?

A. This is a most important question.

Materially: Do your best to get out of debt by downsizing vehicle etc., and lowering financial outgoings on unnecessary items. Start to grow your own vegetables and keep chickens and store dried or tinned foods and seeds and some medical supplies and other items that you use daily.

If it is financially viable then move now to the country where you can grow more food and access/store water. Install some solar panels, batteries etc. as a back up power source for lighting. Start as soon as possible as it takes time to get the facilities up and running and to adjust to the life style. You can find more information on the Self Sufficiency Document and you can order a DVD from the Pindari web page that contains several Power Point presentations on aspects of Self-sufficiency along with other information.

Spiritually: Madness will prevail for a time, and it is our mind and our emotions that will be affected, and the  KEY to our surviving spiritually is in fortifying our minds so that our actions remain within the “Only love and go your way in peace” Command of God at all times and in all situations.

And the KEY as to how we can prepare our minds for those times so that we survive spiritually is found within the wisdom from the Source, (God) available in "The Testament of Truth Document" and "The Star Prayer" document  in book 1 of 7 at: 

What happens to us individually is dependent on and limited by both the positive and negative karma that we have sowed in the past, and we will ‘suffer’ under God's “As you sow so shall you reap” Law whether we like it or not.

I believe that as our spiritual destiny is at stake as well as those in our care and influence that our ’response’ actions are of paramount importance. Thus ONLY being peaceful, loving, forgiving, compassionate and by not retaliating when confronted by others, is the only way to survive spiritually. Again the above reference and many other documents within "The Testament of Truth" web page covers this aspect.

Q. A 'group' has asked for my advice on preparing a list of items and procedures to help them get through such an event.

 A. The Testament web page and also our  web page has much information on the "how to." 
Go to Basic Provisions and Food & Medical Storage.

Q. 'They' say they would be unwilling to turn people away that may need help and are totally against the use of firearms for hunting, food or protection.

A. ‘They’ have the freedom of choice to live their own way, and it is an un-loving act to turn any away and to not share our provisions.... and God will send to us those he wishes to and they should be treated respectfully even if they are violent.

Arming ourselves is tempting retaliation that would be a disaster for us spiritually, better to go like a "lamb to the slaughter" and not retaliate when being abused by ‘dangerous thugs’. You can catch animals using traps and snares.

Love and peaceful behaviour is the only way. Force begets force and retaliation begets more retaliation. That's why the key is the prepared mind. (Refer the Testament document)

We here "see" the bad times arriving but at present very, very few of those around us see like wise.....and yes some of our friends even say to us. "Ken if it gets bad, I will rock up to your place." Well that is their intent and belief but I do believe that they will only get here if it is God's will that they do. And then I will need to be compassionate and let them set up camp on my land.

Truly the times ahead will be very challenging for all, more than we can now envisage.

Try putting yourself in the place of having been a magistrate, judge or enforcer when these times come. The karma from our past ways when we denied God's love one another Command is absolute in its inevitable return to us. The future of those as above as they suffer what they have done to others will be very difficult for them.

It is thus of paramount importance that from today, we heed God's love one another Command, both now and in the difficult times ahead, for it is THE absolute Command as NO man made mandate is "protection" from God's : What you do to others will be done to you Law. Many will need all our support and understanding and they will need counselling on how to prepare themselves mentally against this time of Armageddon of the mind so that they have the chance to survive spiritually.

It truly is a time of separation, "the wheat from the chaff" and the only way is peace unto all and that requires a mind prepared by the meditation to the Morning Star. (Refer )


Ken Atherton (July 2008)

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