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Basic Provisions
for a little self sufficiency

This is to assist you in making "material" provisional preparation for times ahead when due to calamitous circumstances, the usual 'services' will not always be available.

If you can put a little away and prepare, you will be in a better position to be self sufficient and be able to "Share."

Rain water tank (150 gallon +), metal buckets, water containers.
Matches, fire lighters, candles, lanterns, kerosene.
Tinned corned beef, sardines, condensed milk, vegemite etc.
Cooking oil, salt, yeast, dried milk, honey, sugar, herbs.
Dried fruit and nuts.
Tea, coffee, milo, etc.
Seeds: Mung beans, alfalfa, vegetable seeds etc.
Dried corn, wheat, rice, beans, split peas etc.
Medical: disinfectant, betadine, savlon cream, bandages, panadol, sticking plaster, scissors, insect repellent, etc.
Warm clothing, needle and thread, spare boots (for walking)!
Shovel, axe, and other tools for gardening.
A wheelbarrow for "transporting" your goods.

Remember, it will be a time of "Self sufficiency," if you are blessed with a little space in your back yard, plant some potatoes, silver beet and cabbages and have a few chickens.

For corn/ flour mill & wind/solar power information go to “Environment & Industry”
For food & medical storage information go to "Food & Medical storage doc."
Both these sites being at

Get started today
put a few items away

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