Pindari Herb Farm Estate
 Farm and educational centre for medicinal herbs

"Living by need not 'greed,' in peace & harmony with
one another and the Earth that sustains us whilst heeding
our Creator's 'Love one another' Command."

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(Last updated 14th April 2014)
Herbal Care Products

  Product Range
- Natural Healing and Cosmetic Skin Care
- Medicinal Herbs (fresh plant tinctures
- Herbal Medicines (for common ailments
- Homoeopathic medicines (liquids & pilules)   
- Flower Essences (Bach & Australian)
- Power point presentation DVD (on aspects of Self-Sufficiency)

Medicinal Herb Seminars

  Medicinal Herb Seminars 
- 3rd - 9th January, 2016
- 7th - 13th February, 2016

Herbal medicine & healthy foods
Educational Resources
- Manufacturing fresh plant herbal tinctures.
- Manufacturing herbal infusions in cold pressed vegetable oils. 
- Making "natural" skin care products from herbal extracts.
- Making a healthy "Vegebutter" table spread.
- Growing your Herbal Medicine Chest.
- Recipe for Pindari dairy, egg and gluten free pancakes.
Herbal medicine
Educational Resources on

Quality of Practice and Product
- A perspective on Quality of Product and Current Practices, and the Future.
- Duty of Care Document.
- Energy considerations in the Production of Herbal Extracts.
- Healing with herbs and the Practice of Evidence based Medicine.
- The Practice of Taste Testing Medicinal Herbs.
Information on
Holistic Healing
Healing of body, mind, emotions, & spirit. Includes:
- Self help in the battle of the mind and emotions.
- Thoughts, emotions, dis-ease and disease.
- Self help on healing emotions and healing disease.
- Law of karma and its disease consequences.
- Spiritual healers and healing.
- Crystals and health.
Material and spiritual
Information on being self sufficient in:
- Electrical power generation.
- Water, home grown foods and medicines.
- A basic provisions list.
- Food storage information.
- Family Security.
- Floppy fencing.


Pindari Herb Farm lies in a 20 hectare hilltop bush setting 16 kilometres from Launceston on the island of Tasmania, Australia. (aerial photograph of the gardens in summer, the farm in winter after rains and in the drought of summer of 2008 )

Our philosophy is based on our wish to only be loving in all that we do and we recognize that we individually are responsible for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. We are self sufficient in water and heating, have extensive organic vegetable (see produce) and medicinal herbs gardens. We have solar, wind and steam power production which provides the bulk of our needs.


Ken qualified was a pharmaceutical chemist in 1970 and practiced in a community setting for 30 years, For many of those years he specialised in the compounding and dispensing of herbal and homoeopathic medicines and other forms of complementary medicine. In the last eighteen years he and Giovi have established the Pindari gardens in which over 130 medicinal herbs now grow. 

From his experience and the resource of the live medicinal herbs in Pindari's organic gardens, he and Giovi have establish a comprehensive medicinal herb dispensary based on extracts made from fresh herbs (photo). From this they have prepared an extensive range of natural skin care products (skin care), and a range of medicinal herbs mixtures for common ailments (herbal mixtures).

Pindari Herb Farm also runs seminars on the growing, harvesting and processing of medicinal herbs and the making of "natural" skin care products (seminars).



Pindari Herb Farm

200 Norwich Drive LONGFORD Tasmania. 7301 Australia
Tel. (03) 6391 1799


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